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Another type of pests that are annoying are the rodents. Worst of all is that rodents can pose you to a lot of consequences like diseases and destruction. It is true that detecting rodents is tough, but taking preventing measures to keep them away can be a better solution. Our pest control Rogers services include the extermination and prevention of rodents. So, you can have no worries that rodents will invade your home again soon.


Rodents are most common in homes, though, sometimes, they can be found in commercial premises. Usually, knowing whether or not rodents have made a home in your home can be tricky. So, if you detect that they are around, then it would be a good idea to take action immediately. Rodents can bring about a variety of problems in your home including the introduction of other pests like ticks and fleas. Luckily, we provide all the services you need to get rid of rodents either in your home or commercial property.

Serious Health Risk

Rodents can pose a severe health risk to your family, not in one way, but several ways. Rats and mice carry diseases including leptospirosis and typhus fever. Besides, rats and mice will look for food sources and spoil the food, resulting in food poisoning. This is because rats and mice leave behind urine, hair or their droppings on food, which is the cause of food poisoning. But if you keep rats and mice away from your home, then you will avoid such risks.

Home Damage

Besides health risks, rodents can also cause severe damage to your home. Usually, rodents invade your home to look for shelter and food. When they come, they not only look for food and shelter but will also damage some things within your home. Rodents can put holes in your walls, damage electric wires, or cause food poisoning to your food. When such happens, you will need to repair the damaged parts, and it costs a lot of money. Preventing and eradicating rodents from your home can save you from this hassle. Rogers exterminator service can help you.


Exterminating rodents is the best idea you should ever make, and that should begin with reaching out to us. Rogers pests control staff is experienced and trained to manage rodent infestation properly, not just to ensure they are removed from your home, but also to make sure the rodents never return to your home. Besides, we have practical ways that we can offer so that you make your home less appealing to these stubborn creatures. With this, you can be assured that your family will be safe from health risks.

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