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It could be that termites, according to you isn’t the most dangerous pest that can invade your home or commercial property, but they have the potential to destroy your home or business. A severe termite infestation can leave you broke and stressed because of the expenses you’ll incur when making repairs. We have professionals that are thoroughly trained to eradicate termites in your home. So, you do your activities when you’re sure our team has taken care of the matter.


You are aware of the damages a termite infestation can cause, but it’s not easy to know that termites have invaded your business area or your home. That’s why taking action as soon as you discover their presence is a good idea. Our pest control Rogers can offer extermination and prevention services to do away with termites or keep them out completely. We offer both chemical and non-chemical treatments. You can be assured that these little creatures will be seen nowhere around or in your home once we do our part.

The Consequences

There are a lot of consequences you are going to meet if you tolerate termites in or around your commercial property. Termites cause all sorts of damage in every facet of your home or business area. It’s evident that most parts of your home have some wood in the makeup like your doors, walls, floors, ceiling, among others. Termites can destroy all the mentioned, making you incur repair expenses you hadn’t planned for. Removing and preventing termites from invading your home as well as your commercial property is the best idea.

What to Look Out For

With all the consequences that come when termites invade your home or business, you’d like to keep an eye on them. But how do you do that? Sadly the most common sign is to see the damage they have caused to any part of your building. So, it’s better to hire professionals to help you detect the presence of termites before it’s too late to remove them. Sometimes, you can come across their bugs, though, this is a rare sign.

Control and Removal

There is no solution to remove or control the termites, but our team of professionals from Rogers pest control services can offer you a wide range of solutions to help get rid of these little creatures. It depends on your preferences. We have both chemical and no-chemical removal measures. We can also offer prevention measures to ensure that termites don’t enter your home or business area. Besides, there is a range of tactics that have been proven to work, and we are glad we are employing each of the tactics to help our clients remove termites from their homes as well as commercial property.

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